EXPOSITIE / EXHIBITION Galerie Hamer Van 29-10 t/m 31-12-2016
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Nieuwe Ontmoetingen - New Encounters

Gijs Ambrosius, Geen titel, 2015, Klik voor vergroting  Henry Faust, No title, Klik voor vergroting  Amir Kamand, Birdman, 2015, Klik voor vergroting  Seth Alexander Prime, Geen titel, 2015, Klik voor vergroting  Ron Roboxo, Ahoy Nico, 2015, Klik voor vergroting  Ron Roboxo, H.A.I. (Hyper Art Intrusion), 2016, Klik voor vergroting  Günther Schützenhöfer, Auto, 2013, Klik voor vergroting  El Sirio, El Tambor, 2015, Klik voor vergroting  Bertho Virant, David Bowie, 2016, Klik voor vergroting 

Opening met performance van Gijs Ambrosius.

Gijs Ambrosius (1956, Alkmaar, the Netherlands)
Mental problems forced him to stop teaching Dutch language and drama in 2012. Lives and works in Emmen, the Netherlands. Also writes poetry and performs.

El Sirio (1977, Havana, nickname and pseudonym of Josvedy Jove Junco)
Earned a technical degree, but began to suffer from paranoia. Creates fantasy legends. Lives in Cuba.

Henry Faust (ca. 1940, Georgia, USA)
African-American. Not much is known about him. May have started drawing while incarcerated.

Amir Kamand (1959, Tehran, Iran)
Manufacturer and sportsman. Exhibits small wooden sculptures from his ski series.

Seth Prime (1982, Lismore, Australia)
Has been drawing most of his life. Can only hold small part-time jobs. Lives in Preston (Melbourne). Creates medieval and mythological scenes with knights and angels.

Ron Roboxo (1964, Breda, Netherlands)
Did work as an independent, self-taught graphic designer and illustrator, but now employed as a mailman. Only recently began making personal, autonomous works of art.

Günther Schützenhöfer (1965, Mödling, Austria)
Has lived and worked in the famous "Haus der Künstler", part of the Art/Brut Center Gugging, since 1999.

Bertho Virant (1964, Genk, Belgium)
Lives in a care home in Hasselt, works as a gardener, and works in the art studio two days a week, although he would prefer to draw every day.

Exposerende kunstenaar(s) / exhibited artist(s):
Gijs Ambrosius - Henry Faust - Amir Kamand - Seth Alexander Prime - Ron Roboxo - Günther Schützenhöfer - El Sirio - Bertho Virant

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Expositieperiode van 29 oktober t/m 31 december 2016