Inge Aanstoot: Nurture

Mutua fides
Slow learners
Je maintiendrai

Over de expositie

The first large solo exhibition by Rotterdam based artist Inge Aanstoot.

In her new colourful and associative paintings, she researches the influence of culture, nature and history on human development and vice versa.

Inge Aanstoot became widely known as the winner of the Piket Award for painting and the Sacha Tanja Award. In 2016 she painted a gigantic mural in the Rotterdam Kunsthal Museum.

Wanneer en waar

  • Expositieperiode was t/m 4 mrt 2018
Hoorn & Reniers
Toussaintkade 70
2513 CL Den Haag
open: wo t/m zo 12.00-18.00, en op afspraak


Inge Aanstoot