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Kunsthalle Bern (1918)
Helvetiaplatz 1  Plattegrond via Google
CH-3005 Bern, Zwitserland
T +41-31-3500040
di 10.00-19.00
wo t/m zo 10.00-17.00

Contact: Dr. Bernhard Fibicher (dir)

Overige informatie

The Kunsthalle Bern owes its existence to the initiative taken in the matter by the Bernese Artists' Society (GSMBA, Bern section). Ever since it opened on October 5, 1918, the Kunsthalle Bern has treated the public to a wide range of art by Bernese, Swiss and international artists. It has made a reputation for itself worldwide by featuring solo shows by the likes of Klee, Giacometti, Moore, Johns, LeWitt, Nauman, Buren and still more, as well as theme shows such as Szeemann's. "When Attitudes Become Form."
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The Kunsthalle Bern considers itself as a venue where the phenomena of our day can be artistically set forth and critically examined. To this end, it organizes from six to seven group and solo shows a year, together with public tours, lectures and discussion groups. Since May 1998, it also boasts a projection room, with a curator of its own (Roman Kurzmeyer until early 2000; Evelyne Jouanno until end 2001), as well as an information room regularly re-designed by individual artists (Andrea Fraser 1989/99, Lang & Baumann 1999/2000, Meschac Gaba in 2001). Support for the Kunsthalle Bern lies with the Kunsthalle Bern Association, whose current membership comes to about 1600. Two thirds of the Kunsthalle's funding comes from the city and state of Bern, and from its main sponsors. The remainder is made up of contributions by members and backers, commissions on the sales from exhibitions, and the proceeds of sales of graphic works made available to it.

The Kunsthalle Bern publishes a catalog and poster for each of its exhibitions; limited edition works by the exhibiting artists are also available for purchase.

Koenraad Dedobbeleer & Rita McBride, Alo´s Godinat
4/10/2008 - 30/11/2008
Berner Ausstellung
12/6/2004 - 15/8/2004
Ai Weiwei
2/4/2004 - 30/5/2004
Chloe Piene
31/1/2004 - 21/3/2004