Microsoft Art Collection

One Microsoft Way, Microsoft Conference CenterRedmond, WA 98052-6399USA
T +1-425-7060033
The Art Collection is open to the public by appointment and for pre-scheduled tours of the exhibitions on view in Building 33, Conference Center in Redmond, WA.

Contact: Laura Matzer

Overige informatie

The Microsoft Art Collection represents an important aspect of the culture at Microsoft. Our employee and public interpretative programs began in 1999, and are designed to introduce employees, their guests, our customers and the general public to the character of this unique corporate art collection and the remarkably diverse artists collected. Through our programs we are building a strong, ongoing relationship between Microsoft and the visual arts community.
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The Microsoft Art Collection began in Redmond in 1987 when the company had approximately 2000 employees and occupied six buildings. The Collection includes 4000+ works of art and is divided among more than 80 buildings throughout North America. The emphasis in the Collection is contemporary art from around the world, displayed for the benefit and enjoyment of Microsoft employees, their guests and our customers. The Collection includes painting, sculpture, works on paper, photographs, ceramics, studio glass and video.

Presenting original art in the workplace offers an important respite, inspiration, and challenge for the thousands of people who interact with the Collection every day. Art inspires creative thinking and offers people a chance to see life from a different perspective, which can in turn foster elements essential to a company’s success. The critically-acclaimed Art Collection program contributes to regional art communities and has also become a community resource through its outreach programs and lending of artworks to local and national art museums.

Kunstenaars in vaste collectie

Louise Bourgeois - Chuck Close - Charles Goldman - Dough Hall - David Kapp - Kathryn Lynch - Tracy Miller - Yunhee Min - Michael Spafford - Larry Sultan - Akio Takamori - Robert Zandvliet.