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Museum der Moderne Salzburg
Mönchsberg 32  Plattegrond via Google
A-5020 Salzburg, Oostenrijk
T +43-662842220
di t/m zo 10.00-18.00
wo tot 21.00
entree Mönchsberg € 8.00
entree Rupertinum € 6,00
combi € 12,00

Contact: Toni Stooss (dir), Beate Golaschewski (PR)

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Museum der Moderne Salzburg Mönchsberg
Mönchsberg 32
t +43.662.84 22 20-403

Museum der Moderne Salzburg Rupertinum
Wiener Philharmonikergasse 9
t +43.662.84 22 20-351

The Museum der Moderne Salzburg sees its mission in an active exhibition programme, extensive conveyance activity and in a consistent collection and acquisition policy.
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With about 3,000 square metres of exhibition space the Museum der Moderne Salzburg presents year-round national and international exhibition projects in its two museums from the classical modern to current art since the end of the 2nd World War to contemporary art. The collection policy focuses on internationalisation with a vision based on content. Only in this way can a cultural institution meet its local and regional cultural/political responsibility and be a partner on the international museum landscape.

Thematic exhibitions are a part of this just as are programmes such as monographic projects, group exhibitions and individual shows. The museum's own collection forms a focus of the exhibitions, which are presented thematically.

As an interface to cultural debate, the Museum der Moderne Salzburg seeks intensive collaborations with the national and international public on an artistic, media, societal and economical level. The Museum der Moderne Salzburg is increasingly defined today in its role as a conveyor. The existing fears of coming into contact with art must be reduced and should not arise at all in young people. For this purpose, diverse, individualized, age-appropriate programmes are developed for each exhibition.

Special emphasis is put on conveying art to young visitors to the museum. Children have the opportunity to participate in special programmes on weekends or during their holidays. In addition, individually designed problems are worked out in the form of tours or workshops.

The collections of the Museum der Moderne Salzburg Rupertinum are dedicated to painting, sculpting, graphics and photography. Since the founding of the Rupertinum, the focus of the collection and the acquisition policy has been on the art of the 20th Century and its state in the previous century since impressionism. The image of the human forms a thematic focus of the collection.

The art of the turn of the century is represented by the works of Gustav Klimt, Oskar Kokoschka and Alfred Kubin, and Austrian Expressionism is represented by important paintings from Herbert Boeckl, Eduard Bäumer and Hans Fronius.

Considerable collection areas are dedicated to art in between the war periods and in particular, to Austrian and international contemporary art since the end of the 2nd World War.

Austrian art as a special form of an overall European movement from informal to concept art to new expressionism to the current art scene takes up a large part of the collection concept. With Arnulf Rainer, Maria Lassnig, Bruno Gironcoli, Hans Staudacher and the representatives of a younger generation such as Hubert Schmalix, Siegfried Anzinger and Erwin Bohatsch, important areas of the second half of the past century are represented.

Valie Export and John Hilliard, Gerhard Rühm and Elke Krystufek occupy the interest of the collection in relation to medial discourse and to interdisciplinary concepts. In this area, some of the larger group works by Hermann Nitsch, Rudolf Schwarzkogler, Otto Muehl and Günter Brus have developed into one of the best diverse representations of Flux and Actionism.

The sculpture collection unites the great classics of Austrian sculptures by Fritz Wotruba, Alfred Hrdlicka, Joannis Avramidis, Rudolf Hoflehner with contemporary object art by Peter Weibel, Erwin Wurm, Lois Weinberger and Gelatin.

Paul Klee: Melodie / Rhythmus / Tanz
25/10/2008 - 1/2/2009
Nobuyoshi Araki: Silent Wishes
4/10/2008 - 11/1/2009
William Kentridge
25/7/2006 - 8/10/2006
Erwin Wurm: Adorno was wrong with his ideas about art
8/4/2006 - 9/7/2006
Nabila Irshaid: Flying carpet
8/4/2006 - 1/5/2006
Erich Salomon: With tails and lense through politics and society
4/3/2006 - 7/5/2006
Hubert Scheibl : Fathomless
25/2/2006 - 1/5/2006
Zero: Artists from a european movement, Lenz Schönberg collection 1956-2006
21/1/2006 - 2/7/2006
Cosmos & Contruction: Works from the R. & H. Batliner Art Foundation
21/1/2006 - 9/7/2006