Bornholms Kunstmuseum  (1993)

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DK-3760 Gudhjem, Denemarken
T +45-56484386

Contact: Lars Kærulf Møller (dir)

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Bornholms Kunstmuseum is situated at Helligdomsklipperne, approx. 6 km. north of Gudhjem, in one of Denmark’s most picturesque and spectacular sceneries. The museum was built in 1993 and underwent an extension in 2003. It is – also by others than the museum staff - considered a building that ranks among some of the foremost in modern Danish architecture.
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A beautiful building in beautiful scenery obviously demands obligations and we do our utmost to make the content of both our museum collection and our special exhibitions reach an artistic quality that has an international potential. Likewise, by the service we offer in our reception and in shop and café, we hope to make you feel welcome at the museum and enjoy the art collection that we respectfully administer on behalf of the population of Bornholm.

The museum holds a permanent collection of Bornholmian art and crafts and will each year display 5-6 different exhibitions.

European Ceramic Context 2006
1/8/2006 - 31/10/2006

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