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E8 3DL London, England

Contact: Tara Cranswick

Overige informatie

V22 exhibits work as it enters the collection, bringing engaging exhibitions of new contemporary work to wider audiences. These exhibitions also provide an opportunity to view and purchase other works from artists represented in V22. Our ongoing curatorial programme displays selected works from the collection in a variety of venues around London, encouraging new ways to engage with and critically view the collection.

For V22 artists, solo and group exhibitions will be presented on a frequent basis to herald the launch of new bodies of work.

Nieuws- en persberichten
31/08/2006 V22 becomes the first art collection to launch on the junior stock market

Peter Jones: Feasting Indoors
13/4/2007 - 13/5/2007
Caragh Thuring and Pat O'Connor
5/10/2006 - 5/11/2006

Vaste kunstenaars

Glauce Cerveira - Alexandre Da Cunha - Ian Dawson - Brian Griffiths - Marcus Harvey - Jasper Joffe - Theo Kaccoufa - Jeroen Offerman - Gerry Smith.

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