Studio La Città  (1969)

Lungadige Galtarossa, 21  Plattegrond via Google
I37121 Verona, Italië
T +39-45-597549
di t/m za 9.00-13.00 en 15.30-19.30

Via Dietro Filippini 2

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Tot de vaste kunstenaars behoren tevens: Brian Alfred, Beatrice Valentine Amrhein, Davide Bramante, Pier Paolo Calzolari, Luigi Carboni, Marcela Cernadas, Arthur Duff, Jacob Hashimoto, Haubitz + Zoche, Salomón Huerta, Michael Light, Emil Lukas, Mirco Marchelli, Franco Passalacqua, Ashley Prine, Ross Rudel, Jonathan Seliger, Mikhael Subotzky, Timothy Tompkins, Pablo Zuleta Zahr.

Studio la Città opened in 1969 in Verona. It started its programme with exhibitions of Lucio Fontana, Piero Dorazio, Mario Schifano, Gianni Colombo.
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All along the seventies the gallery focused on minimal and analytical art with artists such as Ulrich Erben, Giorgio Griffa, Sol Lewitt, Robert Mangold, Robert Ryman so concentrating its research on international rather than only national artists.

From the end of the eighties, after the transavanguadia, the gallery concentrated on artists working on chromatic minimalism such as Herbert Hamak, Lawrence Carroll, Julia Mangold, John McCracken, Phil Sims, David Simpson, Ettore Spalletti as well as exploring new areas of research such as the boundaries between contemporary society and pure nature, between digital and analogical and showing for the first time to the public the works of under 30’s Jacob Hashimoto and Hiroyuki Masuyama.

Now the great variety and complexity for the arts that determine our times make it impossible (or boring and uninteresting) to determine so clearly the forms of expression that can guide a gallery’s programme. In our case The thin line that connects most of the choices made by the gallery in all this time is the research for a silent and intimate expression, nothing else. This is why we consider Gabriele Basilico, Alberto Garutti, Pierpaolo Calzolari and Ettore Spalletti today’s classics of the gallery and focus our attention on more elaborate forms of expression through the use of different media. It is arguably true that the control our generation has over all media makes it indispensable for a gallery to concentrate on this liberty of movement that is in its own sake a form of expression.

Today Studio la Città is launching a new group of young or very young artists such as Brian Alfred, Eelco Brand, Arthur Duff, Izima Kaoru, David Lindberg, Steve Roden, Tracey Snelling, Timothy Tompkins, Pablo Zuleta-Zahr.

It is important for the gallery to show the work of these artists, apparently with different aesthetics, but in reality all equally concentrated on expressing their research on beauty, complexity, interior coherence merged with the curiosity of new, unexpected, forms of expression.

Next season will be a key one as we will move the gallery to new premises. the new gallery will have 900 square metres available for exhibitions with very flexible spaces to exhibit more shows at the same time giving us the liberty to show young artists, technology focused performances as well as established contemporary masters. Dedicated spaces to video and outdoor installations will add even more possibilities to the gallery space.

David Lindberg
17/9/2005 - 5/11/2005

Vaste kunstenaars

Stuart Arends - Gabriele Basilico - Eelco Brand - Lawrence Carroll - Max Cole - Alberto Garutti - Herbert Hamak - Izima Kaoru - David Lindberg - Julia Mangold - Hiroyuki Masuyama - Giulio Paolini - Steve Roden - David Simpson - Ettore Spalletti. is sinds begin mei 2018 weer in de lucht, maar om de site up-to-date te houden ben ik op zoek naar vrijwilligers die bereid zijn om actuele exposities toe te voegen. Mail naar indien u hiervoor belangstelling heeft.

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