Camden Arts Centre

Arkwright Road  Plattegrond via Google
NW3 6DG London, UK
T +44-20-74725500
di t/m zo 10.00-18.00
wo tot 21.00

Contact: Jenni Lomax (dir), Emma Law (comm)

Overige informatie

Built in 1897 and originally a library, the grade II listed building became an arts centre in the 1960s.

Camden Arts Centre is a world-class contemporary visual arts space, dedicated to engaging with the highest calibre artists from across the international arts scene. Placing the artist at the centre, Camden Arts Centre strives to involve members of the public in the ideas and work of today's artists, and the artists who inspire them.
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The exhibition and education programmes are developed with equal importance, and are continually intertwined. The changing programme includes exhibitions, artist residencies, off-site projects and artist-led activities, ensuring Camden Arts Centre remains a dynamic place for seeing, making and talking about art.

Exhibitions feature emerging artists, international artists showing for the first time in London, significant historic figures who inspire contemporary practice, and artist selected group shows relevant to current debate.

Residencies develop artists' practices with practical support, resulting in new work and public participation.

The Bruce Lacey Experience
7/7/2012 - 16/9/2012
Zoe Leonard: Observation Point
31/3/2012 - 24/6/2012
Hanne Darboven
20/1/2012 - 18/3/2012
Raphael Hefti: Launching Rockets Never Gets Old
20/1/2012 - 18/3/2012
Haroon Mirza: I saw square triangle sine
7/10/2011 - 8/1/2012
Nathalie Djurberg with music by Hans Berg: A World of Glass
7/10/2011 - 8/1/2012
Renť DaniŽls: Painting on Unknown Languages
23/9/2010 - 28/11/2010
Michael Raedecker: line-up
1/5/2009 - 28/6/2009
Daan van Golden
5/12/2008 - 8/2/2009
Tal R: The Sum
2/5/2008 - 29/6/2008
Aernout Mik: Shifting Shifting
16/2/2007 - 15/4/2007
Laura Owens: Paintings
29/9/2006 - 26/11/2006
Bas Jan Ader: All is Falling
28/4/2006 - 2/7/2006
Hilma af Klint: An Atom in the Universe
17/2/2006 - 16/4/2006
Isa Genzken: Sport
17/2/2006 - 16/4/2006
Francis Picabia
24/11/2004 - 6/2/2005
Wilhelm Sasnal
25/6/2004 - 22/8/2004
Atelier van Lieshout
26/4/2002 - 16/6/2002

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