Eva Navarro  (1967)

Eva Navarro is a Spanish painter born in Madrid (Spain). She has a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Her work is considered part of the Spanish New Figurative Art Movement. She has mostly exhibited in Europe and the USA. Eva had two solo exhibitions at V!P’s Gallery.
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Eva´s work is vivacious, uncomplicated and energetic, as well as being full of extraordinary colour. There are several key concepts that influence her paintings. Basic elements such as movement, space, action and time, all expressed through the human figure, are reflected in her work. The characters that Eva uses for her paintings are people that have crossed paths with her in different locations around the world. They stand in seas of exceptional colour and are painted with a sharp realism. The characters are also washed in sun, casting shadows across the canvas. Their faces are tucked or hidden away from the viewer, creating a very deliberate emotional distance. Eva’s recent work has been livelier, more colourful, more optimistic and more playful than ever before. In particular, she has been portraying the innocence and simple pleasures of childhood, to be seen in such works as ‘Hanging’, which celebrates a particular moment in time.

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