AnnyRose Nahapetian 

AnnyRose, Armenian Iranian artist, studied in Germany, England. Her work includes, painting, sculpture, ceramic and bronze techniques.
- She has exhibited individually and collectively in Europe And United Stats of America. She has represented Armenian Khachkars and Iranian ornamental symbols in art events like the International Biennial of Contemporary Art Gyumri Armenia 2002 and 2004
-She designed and organized the exhibition “The Armenians in Netherlands” for the Museum (KIT)Amsterdam 1999-2000 and many fine art projects before and after, such as Woman Art & society,
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1993-1994 Advies Commissie Minderheden (ACON ). (Minority advise commission- corporate identity)
1993 Anne Frank House, Amsterdam, Slide presentation for the exhibition of “I Dream of Peace.
- Project Woman Art and Society 1994-1995
Design of the poster & invitation of the Arte Picola
- Co designer IIAv “UnderBelicht”.
Designer of the “Zijn en Zwijgen” winner of award.
-She is founder of East and west Artists Association EWAA 1993 & Art Cage Gallery and Cultural Center 2006-2011.
She proposed project ACCN to FBKVB 2006-2007 "De Droom Intendant".
2007 t/m end 2008 “Chroma” Colors of a day
The critic has said:
“AnnyRose is an artist in permanent evolution; however, she remains faithful to herself and to a vision of the world that is nurtured equally from the mythical, the telluric, and the universal concern for humanity and its destiny”.
Her work is found in many collections in Armenia, Europe and USA.
2004 She proposed to the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sciences, Her Project
“ABC Kmer 6“
PDF is to be find at personal website.
Teaching Drawing & painting techniques since 2001
2004 Graduated in Utrecht Artists in the Class Room
Orientation Cultural and Artistic Education Primary School
This has been achieved by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sciences, in cooperation with the
foundation 'Artists Culture and Entrepreneurs'.

Independent fine art artist, curator


Guest Curator
Kit -Tropenmuseum Amsterdam
Arts and Crafts industry
1998 – 2000 (2 years)

I have pleasant memory and also experienced fine working environment.
I have to thank to Dr. Susan Légene head of curatorial department back then.

Exhibition "Langusion" in the Ethnographical Museum in Armenia.

The ExplosionSBK, Amsterdam (S)
Wings Project, Utrecht
Gyumri Biennale in Armenia
"Langusion", Ethnographical Museum, Armenia
'R-THEM& TEXT", Style Gallery, Armenia
Vishal -en Kloostergang, 'Kunstlijn', Haarlem

2005 May 20th, Amsterdam
2005 Sep/ Amsterdam Atelier Plantage Weesper Mozes en Aäronkerk

2005 / 2006-2007-2008 Experimenting Fringe-ism the new wave
2005 Project voorbereiding Amsterdam ACCAN en Art Cage Gallery and Cultural Center

2005 Exhibition Amsterdam Gallery Art Cage
2007 Exhibition Center of Art and Culture Solo

2007-8 Chroma: Cultural happening and exhibition of Seven Days of Colour. Amsterdam (Cultural happening with music, dance, theater and visual art).
Is finally realized in 2007-2008 Art Cage Gallery & Cultural Center Amsterdam. With participant Artists from England –Germany-Netherlands- Syria –Iran-Armenia
Gallery owner from 2005 to 2011

Sint Lucas Andreas Ziekenhuis, Amsterdam
SBK KNSM Eiland Amsterdam. ( Colectie is geheel verkocht )
Artoteek Amsterdam, Collectie van het Stedelijk Museum
St. O.K.K.
VSB-Bank Hoofdkantoor, Amsterdam
Allround Art Group, Tilburg
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