Steven Parrino  (1958-2005)


An artist and musician whose signature work was large-scale monochromatic paintings, mostly in black and slashed, torn and twisted, Steven Parrino was born in New York City and was raised on Long Island. He earned an associate of applied science degree from the State University of New York (SUNY) and a bachelor of fine arts from Parsons School in 1982.
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He began exhibiting in the East Village in 1984 and was described as part of an emerging group of artists known as Neo-Geo that included Peter Halley, Haim Stein bach, John Armleder and Olivier Mosset. Neo Geo, a term short for "neo-geometric conceptualism" was described as "mixed modernist abstraction with a more cynical form of Pop Art worldliness by adding references to commerce, design, music or the movies."

Steven sParrino also created painted environments with monochromatic walls; did films of those environments; made sculptures with bent, folded parts; and took photographs of his cluttered working areas. He also played electric guitar and played with keyboardist and painter Jurtta Koether with a group called Electrophilia.

Roberta Smith, ´Steven Parrino, 46, an Artist And Musician in a Punk Mode´, "The New York Times Obituaries", January 3, 2005. Courtesy of Miriam Katzeff.

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