Ixone Sadaba  (1977)

Ixone Sádaba (1977) is a young artist from Bilbao in the North of Spain. After a short study of cultural anthropology Sádaba mainly engaged on making performances and video-installations. All of these works and also the work of her today, attract attention because they can be seen as signals of aggression and powerlessness.
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From 2002 she specializes on photography and her work ‘Citerňn’ has been seen outside Spain in Australia (Experimental Art Centre), America (Art Chicago), Argentina (ArteBa), and Mexico (MACO Mexico). The series contains eight images of twins who are staged in opposite poses. On two of the images, ‘Citerňn III’ and ‘Citerňn IV’, only one woman in desolate surroundings is shown. Her eight images of female twins are successively situated on a busy highway in a town, on a beautiful square in front of a classical palace, on an empty pasture, in a mortuarium, in a living-room, in an arcadic landscape, on a deserted industry area and on an empty beach. All locations are in Spain. In each setting the twins, dressed in simple clothes, stand in theathrical poses – active or passive – opposite each other. No other people are visible. It seems as if they are fighting a battle of life and death. With this series Sádaba suggests the theatrical aspect of Greek tragedy.

The work of Ixone Sádaba places itself in the tradition of the performances from the 70’s like those of Marina Abramovic, Gina Pane, Laurie Anderson and Ben d’Armagnac. All of these artists centered on the body. Like Sadaba. The body is used to reveal social and/or inner conflicts. From the image of Sádaba especially the inner struggle of the incomprehensible young woman in modern days Spain is appealing.

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