Happy Famous Artists 

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Happy Famous Artists – WYSI(N)WYG is an artistic collective combining ideas of Intelligensius Anarchus and Jeff Blind.

Both previously active in visual arts as individuals, we began our collaboration in 2001 with a project “2001 A Fame Odyssey”, performed in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Antwerp.

We work with diverse media, such as painting, photography and video, computer-manipulated images, installation and performance, unifying both conceptual and aesthetic aspects.
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Our main areas of inspiration are the sciences, philosophy, psychology, political and social phenomena on one side, and classical as well as contemporary art-world and popular culture on the other. These enable us to explore many different ways of communicating with public.
However, our key interest lies in the research of how these perceived authorities shape and influence general perception of reality.

Consistent themes in our work play with identity and both interpretation and misinterpretation of universal icons and clichés.

As such, we frequently make use of an already existing image or object as a basis, which we subsequently transform and present in a new context and/or new visual appearance.
When first confronted with such archetypal objects, the spectator characteristically sees the apparent explanation; other relevant meanings escape the attention. We challenge viewers to reconsider their predetermined bias, and invite them to contemplate the narrow border between truth and falsehood, between reality and fiction.

By reflecting on the subject more closely, the gap between the inclination towards outward interpretation & hidden meanings closes; the work is placed in a new context.

What You See Is (Not) What You Get.

May The Fame Be with You!

Exposities (komt nu voorbij)

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Verbeke Foundation, Kemzeke (Stekene)

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