Easton Davy  (1962)

Easton Davy was born in the Bronx, New York City of Jamaican and Cuban parents, and holds an Associate Degree from the Pennsylvania School of Art. After graduating Easton Davy returned to New York City and started hanging out with graffiti street artists, immersing himself in the street culture of New York.
A trip to the Southern States, Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, etc., introduced him to the old “outsider” artists of the Mississippi Delta.
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“I was so inspired by the South that, I think, I’ve been trying to create a kind of hybrid art... southern folk art blues with New York raw street style... That’s probably why my work is so raw: I work on instincts and not so much by “traditional methods””.

Using the exciting colors from his Cuban/Jamaican roots, Easton Davy creates scenes of love and pain, loss and redemption with incredible scope and depth. With an abstract expressionist style, he continues to stretch the boundaries of what can be done with paint and the human figure. The cross-cultures of his Island roots and New York City street life, show in his works, the only way he knows how... with feeling.
Easton Davy more than deserves the attention he is receiving in New York or the West Coast or Paris. He is an innovative artists whose works will forever reflect his cultural heritage, the raw background of his city and loving and feeling perception of his human experience.
Easton Davy’s works belong in every serious collection of Contemporary American Art.

On the European continent Easton Davy is represented by Gallery Pakhuis 6 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
In 2004 Easton Davy painted during the Greg Osby concert at the North Sea Jazz Festival. He also made the cover art for Osby´s CD ´Public" on Blue Note Records.

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