Oliver Lanz  (1971)

Geboren in Wuppertal. Woont en werkt in Berlijn.

1994-1998 Kunstakademie Düsseldorf with Professor Gotthard Graubner
1997 Meisterschüler with Professor Gotthard Graubner
1998-2000 Hochschule der Künste, Berlin with Professor Bernd Koberling

Prizes/ Scholarships/ Residencies
1999 Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh
2001 DAAD, New York, Max-Ernst-Stipendium, Brühl
2003 Stipendium Stiftung Vordemberge-Gildewart, Zurich
2004 Atelierstipendium / Studio Scholarship of the Karl-Hofer-Gesellschaft

From an early age Lanz was drawn to drawing and painting.
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After his graduation he went to study at the ‘’Kunstacademie Düsseldorf from 1994-1998’’. He continued his education at the ‘’Hochschule der Kunste Berlin’’ from 1998-2000.
Lanz has been influenced by Gotthard Graubner and Bernd Koberling, two German painters whose delicate color experiments in the 60ties were a reaction to the Abstract Expressionists like De Kooning and Pollock working in the U.S.A.
Lanz whose search for light and color has brought him to work on large canvases where he can experiment with space and transparency. To do so he mostly paints in a horizontal manner, so the layers of paint can be applied in a tonal wash giving his work an intensity of layers and depths. His work follows no rules or real motives, spontaneity is what drives him.
For Lanz his poetic light paintings are a journey on which he decides where he goes, painting for Lanz is his greatest adventure. His studio is his base from where he embarks on a journey of expressionism.
The newer works from Oliver Lanz profess to more direct and, at the same time, more reflective abstract painting. In a time when figurative painting from Germany is widely acclaimed in museums at home and abroad and attracts the highest bidders at art fairs and auctions, Lanz remains true to himself and his art.


´Double Fantasy´, Ten Haaf Projects Amsterdam

Zwischenräume, Dina 4 Projekte, München
Farbwelt, secondhome/projects temp 6, Berlin (s)

Solo Statement, Ten Haaf Projects, Art Amsterdam (s)
Color Zone, Adin Buhks Gallery, New York
For Tomorrow, Ten Haaf Projects, Amsterdam (s)

Art and spirit, Art Project Interroll AG, Tessin/Schweiz
Digital With Monument, The Silver Shed, New York
Free-Dimensionality, The Silver Shed, New York
The Twentyfirst, The Silver Shed, New York

Zwischenraum, Galerie Jarmuschek, with Patrick Cierpka, Berlin
Plus, Stipendiaten der Stiftung Vordemberge-Gildewart Kunstmuseum Wiesbaden, Wiesbaden

Procedere, Karl-Hofer-Stipendiaten, Berlin

Spectrum, Verein junge Kunst, Wolfsburg (s)
Full Circle, Dina Renninger, Dina4 Projekte, München (s)

Paintings, Ritter/Zamet, London (s)
Future Days, Thomas Erben, New York (s)
DAF (Deutsch-Amerikanische Freundschaft), Galerie am Flutgraben, with Peter Coffin and Patrick Meagher, Berlin

After Matisse/Picasso, P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center, New York
Unfinished sympathy, Daniel Schmidt, Cologne (s)

Across the universe, Marcus Ritter, New York

PR17, curated by Michael Kalki and Oliver Lanz, Berlin
Artpact, Harlem Flophouse, DAAD NY, New York

Andreas Hecker, Cologne
Uta Gosenick, Cologne
Andy Disl, Cologne
Verein für junge Kunst,Wolfsburg
Schering Stiftung,Berlin
Collection IKB Bank,Düsseldorf
Collection König, Essen
Collection Loschwitz, Berlin
Collection Erben, New York
Collection Zamet, London

(s) = solotentoonstelling

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Thomas Erben Gallery, New York

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