Zorica Vasic  (1966)

Geboren in Belgrado, Servië. Woont en werkt in Utrecht.


Suzanne Biederberg Gallery, Amsterdam
Philips Design Gallery (De Witte Dame), Eindhoven

Gallery "Zvono", Belgrado

Zorica Vasic studied painting and drawing at the Belgrade Academy of Arts, fashion design at the Arnhem Academy of Fine Arts, and theory at the Jan Van Eyck Academy. Since completing her studies, she has been active as a video artist, and has also curated a number of exhibitions. Her current show at the Suzanne Biederberg Gallery marks her return to drawing.
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Stylistically, the drawings could best be described as singular panels from a comic strip. In terms of content, the drawings are often autobiographical and bitingly self-reflective in exposing the conditions of production under which the drawings are made. Some of the recurring themes are ‘Eden’, ‘Art’, ‘Structure’ and ‘Dialogues’ – a juxtaposition that suggests fundamental contradictions are at play.

As part of her working process, the artist has been engaging the surrealist method of Automatism. In a series of drawings, she drew, over a period of several days, various objects placed in a box. The objects, as she describes them, held only a fleeting significance for her. This work harks back to the surrealists and their tradition of the objet trouvé. With these drawings, the artist expresses that her work, in order to be vital, can be no less diverse than the workings and meanderings of her own affective process.

Many of the images in the show appear to spring from the contemporary unconscious and the archetype therein of the punitive woman. The figures represented include policewomen and physically formidable Überfrauen. These works form a personal iconography of power and submission but could also easily be mistaken for excerpts from a storyboard featuring the female cast of a contemporary B movie inspired by the ascendant neoconservative world order.
It is perhaps with these depictions of law and order types that one gets the best sense of what the artist is intimating by titling her show ‘Eden Box.’ Today’s Eden, as the artist sees it, is founded on discipline, control and an overarching competiveness. Enjoy your box!

At the her opening on April 16th, the artist will present her new book, ‘The Speculative Activity of Ghosts.’ The book comes in a limited edition of 100 copies and includes prints of sixteen drawings completed over the last two years

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