Agnus Gastmans  (1939-2010)  

Geboren in Schoten, België.

My principal way of expression has always been collage. In the last twenty years I made collages out of ancient letters. Handwriting was always a fascinating medium for me.
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The oldest letter I worked with was from 1814. It was fun to search in antique markets in Amsterdam and find them somewhere between dusty remnants of past glory. It was amazingly interesting to see the change in writing and use of language in almost two centuries. It may even disappear one day and be replaced by computer text. I worked also on the order of banks and well known companies, who wanted to show their old documents in a different way instead of just behind a glass frame on the wall.
I assembled parts of the documents and enveloped them in a new colourful contemporary design.
In 2001 I came to Auroville. I did not work for two years.
Finally, somewhere hidden in me as a secret formula, I found the revealing inspiration indicating a new way of expression. A clear new path blowing away the old one.
I got away from old documents, paper, cardboard, even from collages. An Auroville unit made steel boxes for me. I put them for months outside, nature then took care to give them a beautiful rusted robe on which I could work with acrylic as well as oil paint. Now I try to find simple shapes to symbolize important feelings such as joy, gratitude, beauty, love...
By expressing inward “material” onto outward “material” it possibly could make these essential feelings more conscious, more aware.
Working out this theme keeps captivating me.
May 2006

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