Kate Christina Mayne

Kate Christina Mayne is a writer who is active within the field of contemporary art. She has a BA in Fine Art, Painting, from Bath Spa University, UK and a Masters in the same from St Lucas Institute, Antwerp, Belgium. She is currently doing an MSc in Creative Writing at Edinburgh University. Over 15 years’ experience serving the art world as an organizer of cultural events and as a writer, translator and editor of cultural texts has allowed her to develop insights into multiple practices. She has written numerous essays on individual artists, including Gert Robijns, Pavel Büchler, Arocha+Schraenen, Clarina Bezzola, Zlatko Kopljar, An My Lê and Luc Tuymans. She writes reviews for publications such as Frieze, Wound and H Art. Kate is interested in processes that can be triggered by exhibitions and the (human) dynamics that enable the production and reception of art. Through her exploration of the gap between images and words Kate hopes to contribute to a wider understanding and appreciation of contemporary art. She lives in Antwerp, Belgium, and is currently writing her first novel.

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