Alexander Dashevsky  (1980)

Born in St. Petersburg.

Member of the “Society of Painting and Drawing.”

2003 Graduated at the St. Petersburg University for Film and Television
Studied art history at the St. Petersburg Repin Academy of Fine Arts
He learned to paint from the artist Michail Ivanov.
2005 Member of the International Federation of Artists, and since 2006 a member of the cooperative “Free Culture” and the “Society of Paining and Drawing”


‘Landscapes’, The Art Centre ‚ Mit’ki of VKhuTeMas’

‘The Bolsheviks’ Avenue’, the Art Centre ‘Mit’ki of VKhuTeMas’
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‘Dry Point’, The Art Centre ‘Mit’ki of VKhuTeMas’

‘Interiors’, the Art Centre ‘Mit’ki of VKhuTeMas’

‘Real Estate’, the Art Centre ‘Mit’ki of VKhuTeMas’

Aachen, Germany

Aachen, Germany

‘Women and Utensils’, Museum of Nonconformist Art
‘Plein Air in Norilsk’, Society of Painting and Drawing, Museum of Norilsk Region Development, the city of Norilsk
‘Plein Air of Tsarskoye
‘Plein Air in Kherson’, a group shows of the Society of Painting and Drawing, the estate of Count Mordvinov, the village of Chernyanka, Ukraine
‘Chance Encounters’, Gallery ‘Country Life’
Selo’, Museum ‘Collection of Tsarskoye Selo’, St. Petersburg

‘Gala Portrait at the Back Entrance’, Gallery ‘Door’
Summary Exhibition of the Society of Painting and Drawing, Borey, ‘The Red Ring of Constructivism’, Gallery JAM HALL
About the Railway’, the Centre of Book and Graphics, St. Petersburg
‘Plein Air’ in Krasnodar, a group show of the Society of Painting and Drawing, within the framework of the VIIth Museum Biennale of Modern Art
‘The design of Siberia’, the estate of Surikov, Krasnoyarsk
The Exhibition to commemorate 170 years of Russian Railways, The Railway Museum
‘Chance Encounters – 2’, Gallery ‘Village Life’
‘Self Portrait+’, Gallery Jam Hall, St. Petersburg

Die Zelle, colourblindGallery, Cologne, Germany
Current Mood’, Gallery 10x15
‘Dibenkorn in Pulkovo’, gallery Anna Novc
‘Cells’, gallery Ljuda, St. Petersburg
‘Graphic art of the Society of Painting and Drawing’, Gallery Borey
‘The 3rd Session of Young Art ‘Recounting’, Manege, St. Petersburg
‘Kirkenes Plein Air’, Society of Painting and Drawing, Grensemuseum, Kirkenes, Norway
‘North-South’, the Krasnodar Fine Arts Exhibition, Krasnodar
The 11th. Biennale of the Baltic Sea Countries, Kaliningrad
ART.FAIR21 Messe fuer aktuelle Kunst, Cologne, Germany
Intime Tagebuecher, Russische Kunst nach der sowjetischen Zeit’, Barbarian Art Gallery, Zurich, Switzerland
Russia: From Malevich to Kabakov, Obergallery, Kent, USA

Open Space at ART COLOGNE, Cologne, Germany

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