Josef Karl  (1974)

Josef Karl: 1974 born in Vohenstrauss (Germany)
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In his series Female IDs the photographer, designer and artist Josef Karl stages wishes and misteries of human existence in the form of contrary identities. States of the same women overlap in the direct confrontation of identity-forming scenes, which either meet aesthetic conventions or break them. And what is more, the visual impact is based on the actually impossible - the concurrence of these states. This doesn´t imply categories such as glamour, fashion, fetish or nude, but rather the scope of life itself as a visual dimension. Life of an individual is always the condensate of the possible whereas identity is always subject to an outer authority - a state, a contemplator - and is always alterable, for example in the form of a passport, appearance or even particular existence. Female IDs join together these complex aspects of human identity and consistently blend these ideas in unique works - artificial existences - on the level of art and take us for a journey to the most different possibilities of life... (Essay by Dr. Mario Klinger).

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