Gino Savino 

The micro-sculptures were also born by the fascination for the simplicity, and by the possibility of transformation from this "simple things as lead pencil" through aesthetics.
One of the aspects of this work is to build a personal microcosm. I work in this field because it follows one of the present tendency of humanity, which is the tendency to the atom (particle) and its sub divisions.
In my case it is by the smallest volume sculpted (the lead pencil).
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Considering that each micro-sculpture is a "sculpted dot”, I can integrate a group of micro-sculptures in the same theme. Each micro-sculpture can also be ehxibited individually.
The sculpted dots will form the total image in the observer´s mind.
Necessarily you need to "go inside of the art work" because you can not see this type of art from far away. It´s different from a 1,50m x 1,50m painting.

Gino Savino was born in Araraquara, Sao Paulo, Brazil.
He began his artistic activities in 1974 and has the following degrees:
1994 – culture and baroque art (university of Ouro Petro, Brazil)
1997 – restoration in antique wood (Florence, Italy)
2000 – faculty of fine arts (Brazil)

2001 – Gino moved to Vancouver, Canada

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