Prem Sahib  (1982)

Prem Sahib is a London based artist, currently in the second year of his Post Graduate Diploma in Fine Art at the Royal Academy in London. He received an MA in Material Visual Culture from University College London and his BA in Fine Art from the Slade School of Fine Art. He has exhibited in 18 exhibitions, including a solo exhibition Boyfriend Material, which he also curated at LIANGWEST in London. His most recent solo exhibition Home from Home was held at Frieze curator Sarah McCrory’s domestic gallery, Arts and Jobs in June 2012.
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Sahib’s work is derived from issues within queer theory and gay culture. He predominantly works in sculpture, creating minimal works that fragment symbols and make references to subterranean homosexual nightlife. A defining example of his work The Future of City Living II pays homage to Gay Raves by rendering glow sticks from strip lights, which are then filled with paint to offer them vivid color and disrupt the quality of the glass from being light and fragile, instead becoming a heavy piece of weighted matter.

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