Carel Lanters

AKI, Enschede

I am fascinated by small things, useless at face value. Their organic element and its structure often lead to reconstruction. In reconstructing images I want to give a fresh opportunity to perception.
Illustrations from 16th century botanical books, details from mediaeval bibles, literature, nature; I am inspired by a variety of things. Often it´s in the details, in the extracts.
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Organic shapes have been the main ingredients of my images and drawings for many years now. In the Aran project, which I am working at lately, I start from all sorts of seaweed, transforming them, modelling and enlarging them in drawings. Then the drawings (from 150 x 150 centimetres up to 150 x 450 centimetres, gouaches on paper) at their turn are being translated into reliefs in aluminium.

In the picture ´ detail tentoonstelling Made in Arnhem en Inis Oirr´ you see: Seaweed and Uilleann pipes, showing drawings and reliefs, made during and as a result of a recent stay on the Aran Isle Inisheer (Inis Oírr).
The scene of the action is the cupola-room, the central hall in the Museum of Modern Arts in Arnhem. Due to its height the acoustics of this hall are exceptional.
At the centre of my performances during this project was the interaction between image and sound.
This connection, that I´ve been working at since the beginning of my career, recently evolved itself again into subject of renewed investigation.
To this end I play the Uilleann pipes, with which I transform the feeling, the motion, the rhythm and the structure of the seaweed that I gathered and drew on Inis Oírr, into the sounds of this instrument with 7 reeds.

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AkzoNobel Art Foundation, Amsterdam
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