Art Forum Berlin 2004

Messegelände Berlin, Hal 18-20
18 t/m 22 september 2004

Masurenallee Hall 19
t +49-3030382076
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ART FORUM BERLIN 2004 - The International Fair for Contemporary Art - will take place at the Berlin Exhibition Grounds from September 18st through September 22nd, 2004. Organized by the Messe Berlin GmbH and an international galleries' advisory board, ART FORUM BERLIN remains innovative and keen on experimentation. As one of the most courageous and focused fairs, it is not to be missed in the international art calendar.

The light, historically protected halls 18-20 allow an exclusive selection of approximately 100 galleries from around 25 countries, chosen by an international jury, to present a concentrated view of their renowned stars and fresh newcomers under ideal exhibition conditions. With its compact and precise presentation, ART FORUM BERLIN, the first and only continental European fair dedicated solely to contemporary art, is an extraordinary meeting place for communication, exchange of information as well as the trade and mediation of contemporary art.

ART FORUM BERLIN welcomes exhibitors and visitors from around the world into the city each autumn. From video and photography to painting, sculpture and installation, production in every media is represented. Almost 25,500 art-enthusiasts visited the fair in 2003, over 1,700 journalists from 38 countries, as well as numerous artlovers, museum directors, curators, critics and renowned collectors from both Germany and abroad met at ART FORUM BERLIN for lively exchange and the development of their collections.

Upon the recommendation of the International Galleries Advisory Board and initiated by Paul Maenz, ART FORUM BERLIN 2004 allows participating galleries for the first time ever to present selected artists of the gallery in a special exhibition project titled "Made in Berlin". Works by Berlin-based artists from Germany and around the world will be presented on approximately 1000 square meters of exhibition space within the art fair. The selection of artists and exhibition concept have been placed in the hands of curator Zdenek Felix (former Director of the Deichtorhallen in Hamburg) and exhibited works will be for sale via the representing galleries participating in ART FORUM BERLIN. This year’s focus shall emphasize the quality and international scope of Berlin as a world-wide recognised center for the production of art. In the next years the concept will be carried on with the focus on other cities, for example "Made in Paris, "Made in Vienna", "Made in Warsaw," etc.

Aside from the high quality of content, ART FORUM BERLIN also offers pleasant and efficient conditions for its exhibitors and visitors alike. In the spacious halls at the Berlin Exhibition Grounds, the art fair offers designed places of rest, cafés and restaurants, as well as a library with accompanying reading room and a forum for discussions, performances and receptions. Furthermore, the location affords sufficient grounds for the fair's characteristic experimental booth arrangements as well as generous space for open presentations. Alongside the exhibitors' presentations, ART FORUM BERLIN invites visitors to take part in a series of evening discussions at which noted guest speakers will engage current topics pertinent to contemporary art production and cultural policy.

With its focused concept, ART FORUM BERLIN proves itself once again to serve as catalyst for the development of Berlin into a prominent art metropolis with an unusually high creative potential- a phenomenon which is reflected as well in the numerous exciting exhibitions and other events taking place in museums, galleries and clubs parallel to the fair in Berlin.

Experience Berlin at the time when it dedicates itself to the spirit of contemporary art! We look forward to your visit.

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