Docks Art Fair Lyon 2007


17 t/m 23 september 2007

t docksartfair@art-process.
+33-1-47 009085

Opening: Tuesday, September 18 / 7pm - 10pm

Public days:
Wednesday, September 19 / noon - 7pm
Thursday, September 20 / noon - 7pm
Friday, September 21 / noon - 10pm (late opening)
Saturday, September 22 / noon - 7pm
Sunday, September 23 / noon - 7pm

Admission: 7 €

The fair is paired with an exceptional event,
the 9th Lyon Biennial of Contemporary Art (
which will be held from September 17
to December 31, 2007.
A contemporary art fair which starts
with the opening of an international biennial
is fundamentally created in a dynamic synergy.
Docks Art Fair opens up to international art,
willing to invite galleries from all over the world.

Docks Art Fair is meant to be an addition to
the Biennial as it highlights the key role of galleries in supporting and promoting art today.

Our wish is to ensure that all exhibitors take advantage of the presence of many international contemporary art professionals (about 1,600 during the first two days - curators, critics, journalists) as well as many collectors from around the world, for the opening of the Biennial.

Every new edition of the Biennial attracts more professional visitors and is always praised by journalists, which ranks it among the top-two biennials with the Istanbul Biennial, according to international art specialized media.

Hans-Ulrich Obrist is the curator of the 2007 Biennial.
His international reputation will be a guarantee of credibility for professionals.
He will be inviting 50 international curators to participate to the biennial and to answer this question : « According to you, who seems to be the most dominant artist of the decade ? ».
This year’s theme, emerging art and the bet on the future that it arouses, is a perfect reflection of the objective we wish to give Docks Art Fair : betting on young talents.

The location, only 100m. from “La Sucrière”, the main exhibition place of the Biennial will enhance the visibility of the fair in this « XXI century Lyon » area : the docks, an old harbour by the River Saône, is an industrial site which was modernized through a high-quality standards architectural program (Jakob & Mac Farlane, Ruddy Riccioti, Odile Decq, JM Wilmotte).

Docks Art Fair will be held under a vast tent especially created for the occasion.

Aeroplastics (be) - Dominic McGill, 1963
Analix forever (ch) - Jeanine Woollard, 1978
Andrew Edlin Gallery (us) - Vahakn Arslanian, 1975
Art Space Witzenhausen Gallery (nl) - Meiya Lin, 1979
Artrepco Galerie (ch) - Léopold Rabus, 1977
Bureau (uk) - Vinca Petersen, 1973
Contempo Galerie (nl) - Jan Ros, 1961
Crown Gallery (be) - Patrick Vanden Eynde, 1964
Galerie Dukan & Hourdequin (fr) - Marie Hendriks, 1982|
Fabio Paris art gallery (it) - Andrea Caretto / Raffaella Spagna, 1970 et 1963
Galerie Bernhard Bischoff & Partner (ch) - Brigitte Zieger, 1959
Danielle Arnaud contemporary art (uk) - Heather, 1973 & Ivan Morison, 1974
Galerie Eric Mircher (fr) - Nicolas Delprat, 1973
Galerie Françoise Besson (fr) - Daniel Clarke, 1971
Galerie Isabelle Gounod (fr) - Slimane Raïs, 1964
Galerie Odile Ouizeman - Florence Reymond, 1971
Galerie RX (fr) - Françoise Petrovitch, 1964
Galerie Sollertis (fr) - Pauline Fondevila, 1972
Galerie Traversée (de) - Jens Semjan, 1979
Galerie 5213/52°30'24'', 13°25'19''/ (de) - Vincent Leroy, 1968
Galerie Rabouan Moussion (fr) - Mary Sue, 1979
Kevin Kavanagh Gallery (ie) - Nevan Lahart, 1973
Galerie Georges Verney-Carron (fr) - Ghyslain Bertholon
Habres + Partner (at) - Magda Tóthová, 1979
Galerie L'antichambre (fr) - Eric Hurtado, 1959
la B.A.N.K. (fr) - Zoulikha Bouabdellah, 1977
Galerie Laurent Godin (fr) - Till Rabus, 1975
MCO Arte Contemporanea (pt) - Humberto Duque, 1978
MOKA Gallery (us) - Craig Paul Nowak, 1984
NEXTDOOR...Artgalleria (it) - Maurizio Savini, 1962
Galeria Nina Menocal (mx) - Martin, 1974 & Sicilia, 1971
Olivier Houg Galerie (fr) - Ivan Fayard, 1969
Galerie Olivier Robert (fr) - Elodie Lesourd, 1978
Parker's Box (us) - Joyce Pensato
Galerie Poller (de) - Joachim Schulz,1969
Saltworks gallery (us) - Michael Scoggins, 1973
VF Galerie (fr) - Lionel Scoccimaro, 1973

Deelnemers van deze site (er kunnen meer exposanten zijn)

AEROPLASTICS Contemporary  Brussel  
Bekijk expositieDominic McGill
17/9 - 23/9/2007
Contempo Galerie   Rotterdam  
Contempo Galerie (Rotterdam)   Rotterdam  
Crown Gallery  Brussel  
Galerie Olivier Houg  Lyon  
Witzenhausen Gallery  Amsterdam  
Bekijk expositieWitzenhausen Gallery will be at the Docks Art Fair in Lyon with Meiya Lin
17/9 - 23/9/2007

Geëxposeerde kunstenaars (er kunnen veel meer zijn)

Meiya Lin
Witzenhausen Gallery
Dominic McGill