SCOPE Basel 2009

Sportplatz Landhof
8 t/m 14 juni 2009

Riehenstrasse 78a
CH-4058 Basel

Tuesday | June 9| 11am – 7pm
Wednesday | June 10 | 11am – 7pm
Thursday | June 11| 11am – 7pm
Friday | June 12 | 11am – 7pm
Saturday | June 13| 11am – 7pm
Sunday |June 14 | 11am – 5pm

SCOPE, the most global art show in the world, returns for the third year to Basel in a new venue, at Sportplatz Landhof which a less than a two minute walk from Art Basel 40 at Messe. SCOPE will present its most international show yet, showcasing 85 galleries from all over the world.

SCOPE Basel 2009 exhibitors, special events, and curatorial programs amplify the show's signal achievement: introducing artists, curators, and cutting-edge galleries to new audiences internationally, making it the most comprehensive destination for emerging art available anywhere.

The fair solidifies its position as a leading presenter in the global art world. Currently with fairs in New York, London, Miami, Basel, and the Hamptons, SCOPE is expanding into Spain, China, and the United Arab Emirates, where a cultural world's show of art, music, and film has been commissioned.

The show has evolved from an industry niche to an influential global contributor, with ongoing events, educational programs, and the SCOPE Foundation 501(c) 3.With total sales of nearly $100 million, over 250,000 visitors, and wide media attention, SCOPE has helped build a flourishing collector base in the contemporary art market.

At SCOPE Basel, this year's edition builds on SCOPE's tradition of one-person and thematic group shows, and museum-quality programming to create a real-time international survey of emerging art.

Deelnemers van deze site (er kunnen meer exposanten zijn)

Galerie Maurits van de Laar   Den Haag  standnr C107
Bekijk expositieJohan Tahon
8/6 - 14/6/2009

Geëxposeerde kunstenaars (er kunnen veel meer zijn)

Johan Tahon
Galerie Maurits van de Laar  standnr C107


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