Unseen Photo Fair 2012

19 t/m 23 september 2012

Polonceaukade 27
1014 DA Amsterdam
t 020-5516500


Unseen is an international photography fair that provides new photography the platform it deserves. It is a meeting place for young photographic talent and known photographers exhibiting new work, for galleries that focus on new developments and a global audience interested in the contemporary world of photography. More than 50 galleries from around the world will participate in this first edition of Unseen.

Unseen not only inspires the seasoned collector but also nurtures the passion of an entirely new audience. We encourage potential collectors to take their first steps in the collection of contemporary photography. Online courses and a new television series, co-produced with the Dutch broadcasting company AVRO, are part of this special programme to assist ‘first-time buyers.’

Especially for these new collectors, we have developed the Unseen Collection, a selection of photographs for prices under €1,000.

Unseen is a fair with a festival flair. In addition to the fair, the wide range of activities will create a festival-like atmosphere. Highlights of the accompanying programme of events, tours, film screenings and exhibitions include Offprint, a fair for independent photography book publishers, and the launch of Foam Magazine’s yearly Talent issue, to be exhibited in the surrounding Westerpark. The cinema Het Ketelhuis will show a special Unseen programme and Dutch Doc will add a documentary component with three international documentary experts. All this will be topped with lively evening events and parties.

Deelnemers van deze site (er kunnen meer exposanten zijn)

Galerie les Filles du Calvaire  Paris  
Flatland Gallery   Amsterdam  standnr 17
Galerie Gabriel Rolt  Amsterdam  
Kahmann Gallery  Amsterdam  
Bekijk expositieFranken, Ligtermoet, Vermeire, Agata, Schilte & Portielje, Blommers & Schumm
19/9 - 23/9/2012
Galerie Van Kranendonk  Den Haag  
Bekijk expositieJan Koster, Natascha Libbert and Nicolas Wilmouth
19/9 - 23/9/2012
Galerie Wouter van Leeuwen  Amsterdam  
LhGWR   Den Haag  
RONMANDOS gallery Amsterdam   Amsterdam  
Bekijk expositieJan Hoek, Sofie Knijff, Levi van Veluw, Hans Wilschut en Isaac Julien
19/9 - 23/9/2012
Paradise Row Gallery  London  
Galerie Alex Daniels - Reflex Amsterdam, Reflex Modern Art Gallery   Amsterdam  
Galerie Caroline O'Breen   Amsterdam  
Martin van Zomeren  Amsterdam  
Bekijk expositieAlexandra Leykauf, Katja Mater en Maurice Scheltens & Liesbeth Abbenes
19/9 - 23/9/2012

Geëxposeerde kunstenaars (er kunnen veel meer zijn)

Liesbeth Abbenes
Martin van Zomeren
Antoine d´ Agata
Kahmann Gallery
Anuschka Blommers / Niels Schumm
Kahmann Gallery
Katrien Franken
Kahmann Gallery
Jan Hoek
RONMANDOS gallery Amsterdam
Isaac Julien
RONMANDOS gallery Amsterdam
Sofie Knijff
RONMANDOS gallery Amsterdam
Jan Koster
Galerie Van Kranendonk
Alexandra Leykauf
Martin van Zomeren
Natascha Libbert
Galerie Van Kranendonk
Annick Ligtermoet
Kahmann Gallery
Katja Mater
Martin van Zomeren
Maurice Scheltens
Martin van Zomeren
Schilte & Portielje
Kahmann Gallery
Levi van Veluw
RONMANDOS gallery Amsterdam
Katrien Vermeire
Kahmann Gallery
Nicolas Wilmouth
Galerie Van Kranendonk
Hans Wilschut
RONMANDOS gallery Amsterdam


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