Declaration of safeguarding by

exhibitor (museum or gallery)





The exhibitor


.. at ..


safeguards Uitgeverij Tutein Nolthenius (UTN) bv, publisher of the website, and all related websites like,,, but also websites that use the same database, like (Dutch Gallery Association), for any claims regarding copyrights of texts and/or images that were added to the above mentioned websites by or for the exhibitor.

The safeguarding only reflects text and images directly linked to the exhibitor.


The exhibitor can send information (texts and images) to UTN (by post, email etc.) where the processing will be done by an editorial staff or can add the information to the site(s) directly after logging in with a unique password. For images there are special fields for prorietary notices (also the name of a photographer).


The exhibitor will check that artists names, texts and images are correctly added to the site(s) with correct copyright or other proprietary notices. Special attention will be given to the name of the photographer of an image.


The exhibitor will receive a password to be able to instantly remove or block images from the site(s) or alter texts.


Signed by











 Please activate all our blocked images.



Please send to Uitgeverij Tutein Nolthenius, Willem van Oranjelaan 5, 5211 CN Den Bosch, the Netherlands.

You can also receive your password if you scan this declaration and send it to