Anne-Marie Schneider: Passages

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Anne-Marie Schneider has been drawing for more than fifteen years. Working in a variety of techniques, including Chinese ink, charcoal, aquarelle, gouache and pastels, … her drawings frequently grouped in “families”. Although the connections are not immediately clear, they become apparent after the fact. Drawing is a daily activity for Anne-Marie Schneider. She views it as a form of thinking, a manner in which to grasp reality and deliver her response. Her work is more expressive than illustrative. It is based on emotional recollections, not on direct observation. It is without doubt therapeutic but nonetheless possesses a peculiar accuracy and esthetical form. Anne-Marie Schneider is above all else an artist. She crystallises impulsive gesture into artistic expression, achieving a balance between the figuratively recognisable and abstraction whilst at the same time bringing skill into the equation.

Broadly speaking, Anne-Marie Schneider’s drawings can be grouped as follows: personal allegories of confused, painful reality; thoughts on written texts (for example, by Kafka); and committed reactions to social or cultural events. The “Chemin de la Croix” (Stations of the Cross) series made especially for this exhibition belongs to the last group. These seventeen drawings are an indirect commentary on the film “The Temptation of Christ” by Mel Gibson and a condemnation of the consumption of violence. After all, Anne-Marie Schneider sees an important role of the artist as society’s conscience and defender of ideas.

Like her drawings, the three short films made by Anne-Marie until now are based on a “free association of ideas”. They are just as sharp and powerful, flowing intriguingly between documentary and cartoon animation. Her most recent film “Mariage” (Marriage) will be shown in the gallery.
Here she plays with the feelings, recollections and needs surrounding personal attachment. Thoughts turn round and around in the head of an unmarried woman, followed by images of an enormous, concentrated mass of mussel-beds… like a huge city, an army of conquering soldiers. Skulls appear, death and fertility seen here as flip sides of the same coin. The film ends with an image of fire: earth, water and fire, the cosmic pillars of life.

Anne-Marie Schneider has participated in Documenta X (1997). She has held solo exhibitions in the Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris and FRAC Picardie. She has also shown work at, amongst others, the Drawing Center (New York), the Daadgalerie (Berlin), FRAC Haute-Normandie, Le Printemps de Cahors and Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden-Baden. The Centre Pompidou in Paris has 10 of her drawings in its permanent collection.
“Passages” is Schneider’s first personal exhibition at Xavier Hufkens.

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  • Expositieperiode was t/m 13 nov 2004
Xavier Hufkens
Sint-Jorisstraat 6 en 107
B-1050 Brussel

open: di t/m za 11.00-18.00