Jean-Baptiste Ganne, Saskia Janssen, Carey Young: Social Sculpture

Jean-Baptiste Ganne
Saskia Janssen

Over de expositie

An exhibition curated by Sophie Berrebi.

Jean-Baptiste Ganne (b. 1972, lives and works in Amsterdam)
Saskia Janssen (b. 1968, lives and works in Amsterdam)
Carey Young (b. 1970, lives and works in London)

Social Sculpture brings together three artists of the same generation whose works explore in different ways the (im)possibility of the political. Drawing upon strategies of representation derived from, or alluding to, documentary formats and performative practices, their works reflect a certain scepticism as to the ability of words and images to convincingly convey political ideals.
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Wanneer en waar

  • Expositieperiode was t/m 9 jul 2005
Ellen de Bruijne Projects
Singel 372
1016 AH Amsterdam

open: di t/m vr 11.00-18.00, za 13.00-18.00