Cleo Campert en Nesrine Khodr: Tracks

Nesrine Khodr

Over de expositie

Tracks leading to different places. Ellen de Bruijne is proud to present two artists whose work both in different ways concern with narrating and documenting.

The work of filmmaker Nesrine Khodr (1973, lives and works in Beirut, Lebanon) often takes the form of essay or documentary essay. It addresses topics such as the urban space and how its inhabitants interact with it as well as issues such as borders, mobility and territoriality. Some of her work also attempts to capture ephemeral moments through films that much resemble haikus in their approach.
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Wanneer en waar

  • Expositieperiode was t/m 7 jan 2006
Ellen de Bruijne Projects
Singel 372
1016 AH Amsterdam

open: di t/m vr 11.00-18.00, za 13.00-18.00