Daragh Reeves: The Fountains of New York

Over de expositie

The gravitational force in the work of Daragh Reeves (1974, Leeds) seems to be his preoccupation with the ambivalent/uncertain status of the image. The images Reeves composes or creates – whether they are drawings, sketches, slides, films or video’s – do not reveal their source nor their destination. They seem to deliberately hesitate between being visual renderings of ideas, semi-functional entities, film quotations or representations of idiosyncratic thoughts. Reeves moreover has a predilection for neologisms and uses language as a flexible tool to conjure up a cast of fictional figures and fragmented stories, partly based on the existence and achievements of filmdirectors, movie stars and friends.

In the spaces of W139 Reeves has created a sequence of rooms which confront the viewer with the different aspects of his multifarious practice. Reeves assembled a motley collection of drawings, posters, appropriated imagery and films which support the presumption that he has a particular interest in cinematic procedures of storytelling and that notions such as duration and disguise and seemingly banal elements such as hats, lamps and clocks play a primordial role in his work.

In addition to the show in the basement of Post CS Reeves presents Disguise for a light bulb, produced for Restaurant/Club Elf. An atmospheric videoinstallation in which the filmed representation of a series of lamps become an actual light source for the top floor of the former postoffice.

Wanneer en waar

  • Expositieperiode was t/m 27 nov 2005
Warmoesstraat 139
1012 JB Amsterdam

open: ma t/m zo 11.00-19.00, entree is gratis,


Daragh Reeves