John Chamberlain en Cris Brodahl

Over de expositie

The famous American sculptor John Chamberlain (1927, Rochester, Indiana) presents a first solo exhibition at Xavier Hufkens with new sculptures only. The artist will exceptionally be in Brussels to attend the opening.

John Chamberlain began in 1957 to urge crushed and crumpled scraps of junked steel into volumes of subjective splendours whose brazen beauty called to the paintings of his forebear, Willem de Kooning. Chamberlain twisted and bent the cast steel parts of used cars into swollen concavities and convexities that simulated the casting of a more malleable medium such as clay ...

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Wanneer en waar

  • Expositieperiode was t/m 27 mei 2006
Xavier Hufkens
Sint-Jorisstraat 6 en 107
B-1050 Brussel

open: di t/m za 11.00-18.00