The Modernist Image of Man: Anniversary Exhibition

Over de expositie

Curator: Christoph Brockhaus.

The radical changes in how man is seen and depicted form a central aspect of the modern age. Never before since the start of the 20th century has art produced so many new images of man that are both varied and also contradictory. The image of man in sculpture and its various extensions evolved in virtually polar fields of tension, say between figurative art and abstraction, sculpture and object, but also in contrasts defined by time and distance or political or ideological motives.
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Wanneer en waar

  • Expositieperiode was t/m 23 jul 2006
Wilhelm Lehmbruck Museum
Friedrich-Wilhelm-Strasse 40
D-47051 Duisburg

open: di t/m za 11.00-17.00, zo 10.00-18.00, entree € 5,00, tijdens exposities € 6,00