MARTa is silent: Garde le silence, le silence te gardera

Jack Breed
Bethan Huws

Over de expositie

The art of silence from Duchamp to the present day.
The mystery of the Etruscans.

Opening with a performace by Jack Breed.

This year we’ll be able to experience a veritable summer of art, the like of which only occurs once a decade, when the Venice Biennale, documenta in Kassel and Münster Sculptured Projects – along with many, many other exhibitions and outstanding art events – are all held. Yet in stark contrast to all the hubbub generated by the art scene this year, Marta Herford will be devoting an entire exhibition to the topics of emptiness, silence, and remaining silent.

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Wanneer en waar

  • Expositieperiode was t/m 7 okt 2007
MARTa Herford Museum
Göbenstraße 4-10
D-32052 Herford

open: di t/m zo 11.00-18.00, gesloten op 24 en 25 dec, entree € 7,00