Fresh Fruits

Ofri Cnaani

Over de expositie

Ten Haaf Projects is pleased to announce "Fresh Fruits," a show with the work of cutting edge female artists featuring: Rebecca Agnes, Ofri Cnaani, Georgina Gratrix and Mara Joustra.

In an age when the art world suffers from male dominance, we would like to highlight some outstanding female artists. The artists are concerned with the question of femininity, but each integrates that in a different manner. While Joustra, Cnaani and Gratix are influenced by images from popular culture, Agnes's work is more mathematical and influenced by science and reason.

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Wanneer en waar

  • Expositieperiode was t/m 31 okt 2009
Ten Haaf Projects
Recht Boomssloot 63
1011 CV Amsterdam

open: vr en za 12.00-18.00, en op afspraak