Anne-lise Coste / Jonas Ohlsson

Anne-lise Coste

Over de expositie

Anne-lise Coste: Liberty. 17 paintings in 24 colors and some pastel mixes sometimes, works from april-may 2009, NY

Jonas Ohlsson: 'My daydreams are dark then my nightmares'

When one reads previously published articles and interviews with Jonas Ohlsson one realizes that writing a classical pressrelease for a show with Jonas Ohlsson is a difficult task.
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Wanneer en waar

  • Expositieperiode was t/m 10 okt 2009
Ellen de Bruijne Projects
Singel 372
1016 AH Amsterdam

open: di t/m vr 11.00-18.00, za 13.00-18.00