Gilbert Garcin: Rétrospéctive en quatre-vingts photographies

Le moulin de loubli, 1999

Over de expositie

Gilbert Garcin is a tyro who this year will be celebrating his eightieth birthday and fifteen years of a dazzling career. We are happy to share this pleasure with his public and his many fans by putting on a retrospective and publishing a handsome volume from his favourite publisher, Filigranes.
It may seem absurd, or even out of place, to speak of Monsieur Garcin as a tyro, but don’t worry, he won’t mind – quite the contrary. He usually responds with a quiet chuckle and the falsely modest delight of the highly respected star that he now is. In order to shed a little light on his success, I shall briefly recall how it all started.
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Wanneer en waar

  • Expositieperiode was t/m 21 nov 2009
Galerie les Filles du Calvaire
17 Rue des Filles du Calvaire
F-75003 Paris

open: di t/m za 11.00-18.30


Gilbert Garcin