Voebe de Gruyter: Several fractions to a common

Over de expositie

When Voebe de Gruyter was a child she often visited the Abdij van Averbode with her family to eat ice cream. She was 15 when she noticed that only two flavors of ice-cream were sold: mocha and vanilla and that the ice-cream sellers, and the people eating ice cream, were mimicking characteristics of the stone abbey behind them. The vendors in white aprons looked like friars. The Ice-cream cones were inverted abbey towers. Mocha was the color of the abbey’s stone and vanilla the color of its grout.

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Wanneer en waar

  • Expositieperiode was t/m 26 feb 2011
Boekhorststraat 125
2512 CN Den Haag
open: do t/m zo 13.00-18.00


Voebe de Gruyter


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