Liesje Reyskens - Fairytopia

Bloempot, 2011
Zonder titel, 2011
ZT 2, 2011
Rani 1, 2010
Rani 2, 2010

Over de expositie

Liesje Reyskens, who does not only the shooting but also personally takes care of the look and styling of each image is a young 26 years old Belgian photographer. In 2007 Reyskens graduated magna cum laude for her independent work. Thereafter she applied twice for the "Canvas Collection" and was succesful on both occasions, with her work included in the exhibitions in the Brussels Centre for Fine Arts ( BOZAR). This got the ball running; exhibitions followed soon after. In her photograps we perceive a child-like innocence, of the age when children fall asleep hugging their favorite stuffed animal. The extavagance of her potraits is so perfect that they seem completely normal. And it is only when we realise things have been turned on their head that something begins to crack. These young girls are defenseless objects to become consumed by society at-large and, in the best of cases, they seem aware of this; in the worst, they are completely oblivious.
New work of Liesje Reyskens can be seen at her solo exhibition aGallery Albus Lux, the Netherlands

Wanneer en waar

  • Expositieperiode was t/m 21 mei 2011
Galerie Albus Lux
Plantagebaan 232
4725 AG Wouwse Plantage

open: wo t/m za 13.00-17.00, en op afspraak


Liesje Reyskens