Jaap Scheeren: The day I took off my mask, I noticed my face was missing

Part of the maquette of Jaap Scheeren’s first solo exhibition at Flatland Gallery, 2011

Over de expositie

Scheeren is a free spirit, a truly witty artist with a keen sense of the absurd, who can shift from reality to theatricality without dropping a beat – as capricious and unpredictable as an unguided missile, he defies every visual convention. Still, he has managed to build up a cohesive oeuvre, in which numerous variables relate to each other and interact in surprising ways. This comes out forcefully in the exhibition The day I took off my mask, I noticed my face was missing. (excerpt from 'Jaap Scheeren is Nuts', by Frank van der Stok (1967), curator and art critic, Flatland Journal, fifth edition, 2011)

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Wanneer en waar

  • Expositieperiode was t/m 21 okt 2011
Flatland Gallery
Lijnbaansgracht 312 - 314
1017WZ Amsterdam
+31 (0)20-33053

open: The exhibition space is open from Wednesday - Saturday 1 pm - 6 pm during exhibitions and by appointment


Jaap Scheeren