William Lamson, Jules Marquis and Jani Ruscica

William Lamson

Over de expositie

William Lamson (1977 Arlington, Virginia) is an artist who addresses issues of masculinity, amateurism, science and the quixotic quest for personal heroism that accompanies these subjects. While Lamson’s video works have often found him playfully and strenuously interacting with his natural environment, his work brings to bear the forces of nature in the act of drawing and mark-making. Lamson explores time as a subject, a physical material, and a form of measurement.

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Wanneer en waar

  • Expositieperiode was t/m 5 mei 2012
Lange Voorhout 102, vml. Amerikaanse ambassade
2514 EJ Den Haag

open: ma t/m zo 12.00-18.00, , Entrance fee exhibition, Adults: € 6,-, Museumjaarkaart: free, Ooievaarspas/CJP/Student: € 3,-, Kids < 12 jaar: free,