Nick Oberthaler: Point de fuite


Over de expositie

In fact I would have started this little text with an excerpt from a book I recently read, Serhij Zhadan’s collection of essays titled ‘Big Mäc’, dealing with the relation of time and landscape, which (due to the lack of time itself and its sudden volatilisation) I forgot on the table in my temporary apartment in Paris.

The title of the show refers to the phenomenon of a vanishing-point, one of possibly
several points in a two-dimensional image where lines that are parallel in the
three-dimensional source converge. It could as well be a very subjective detail of an image,
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Wanneer en waar

  • Expositieperiode was t/m 28 nov 2012
Martin van Zomeren
Hazenstraat 20
1016 SP Amsterdam
open: wo t/m za 13.00-18.00


Nick Oberthaler


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