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Over de expositie

Maurice Meewisse keeps iconic archaic, archetype men in mind. He creates living or work conditions for his men. He creates their tools, he digs their holes, stages their labor. His is not research-based artwork, but a performative setting in which he constructs what he imagines life was – or, could have been – like.

Meewisse’s work can be seen as renewed romanticism, one that negates a scientific rational attitude, and favors a subjective, emotion driven course. One that puts the artist in the center of his work and leaves the audience to feel they’ve walked into someone’s private space.

curator: Ellen Zoete
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Wanneer en waar

  • Expositieperiode was t/m 15 jul 2012
willemstraat 27
5611HB Eindhoven
040 785 14 07

open: do t/m zondag van 13:00-17:00 en op afspraak


Maurice Meewisse