Bjørn Andreassen: We Can Make It if We Try #4 - A Global Facade

Legal initiatives built between sunset & sunrise. Istanbul, Turkey

Over de expositie

Bjørn Andreassen finds his inspiration in public space. Anything, which seems to be conceived without a building permit draws his attention, he seeks for situations where private man becomes architect, planner and developer. Other than the three previous makers of the ‘We Can Make it if We Try’ series, Andreassen does not depart from an autonomous position within the arts or design: his work documents and reflects upon the contemporary society. He finds an overlap between com­mercial companies and how private man claims public space as a place to make his dream come true.

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Wanneer en waar

  • Expositieperiode was t/m 31 mrt 2013
willemstraat 27
5611HB Eindhoven
040 785 14 07

open: do t/m zondag van 13:00-17:00 en op afspraak


Bjorn Andreassen