Erwin Olaf: Berlin

Berlin, Porträt 05, 9 Juli 2012, 2012

Over de expositie

Mirrors of doomed beauty....
photography and carbon prints

The work of photographer Erwin Olaf is by definition a balanced synergy of stylistic perfection, subtlety and detail. Time and again, the search for and finding the ultimate photographic expression which reflect his goal, his drive, his motive and which is his signature. Then it is emphatically up to the viewer to determine how it is perceived. And how he does this well!. Olaf may call, challenge, imagine and seduce but he refuses to provide answers. Yet 'Berlin' contains much hidden and imaginative symbolism.

Berlin, the urban muse of Erwin Olaf.

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Wanneer en waar

  • Expositieperiode was t/m 12 okt 2013
Flatland Gallery
Lijnbaansgracht 312 - 314
1017WZ Amsterdam
+31 (0)20-33053

open: The exhibition space is open from Wednesday - Saturday 1 pm - 6 pm during exhibitions and by appointment


Erwin Olaf