Luc Deleu & T.O.P Office


Over de expositie

In 1970, the Belgian architect and artist Luc Deleu (1944) founded T.O.P. office (Turn On Planning!) and resolutely opted for a global approach formulated through his engagement and concern with the staggering growth in world population, the unbalanced food production, the persistent increase of environmental pollution and the friction between the individual and society. Deleu developed an 'eco-centric' form of global urbanism: Orbanism. Deleu is one of the first architects to present his ideas and plans directly on and through the art scene (from 1972). In this context, his “Scale and Perspective” installations “with containers, power pylons and cranes”, function as monumental references to orbanistic issues.

Luc Deleu has dedicated himself to a complex and varied body of work consisting of buildings, city planning, design studies, sculptures, monuments and theoretical models. He is critical in his approach of public space and the gradual diminishment of the public character of public space is one of the recurring themes in his work.

Wanneer en waar

  • Expositieperiode was t/m 25 jan 2014
Galerie Annie Gentils
Peter Benoitstraat 40
B-2018 Antwerpen
open: wo t/m za 14.00-18.00


Luc DeLeu