First blossom

Alle Jong
Jay Miriam
Anna Navasardian

Over de expositie

Ornis A. Gallery proudly presents a group exhibition with the young artists: Jay Miriam (1990, USA), Anna Navasardian (1988, Armenia), Alle Jong (1988, The Netherlands), Inge Aanstoot (1987, The Netherlands) and Mirjam Jacob (1983, Germany) entitled First Blossom. The exhibition title comes from a event which was called First Blossom, the actual event took place more than 25 years ago in selected galeries in Amsterdam.

Lucretius (99 - 55 vC)

De rerum natura (de natuur van de dingen)

Spring-time and Venus come, and Venusí boy,
The winged harbinger, steps on before,
And hard on Zephyrís footprints Mother Flora
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Wanneer en waar

  • Expositieperiode was t/m 11 mei 2014
Althuis Hofland Fine Arts
Hazenstraat 11
1016 SM Amsterdam

open: wo t/m vr 12.00-18.00, za 13.00-18.00, en op afspraak