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There is a trend developing, maybe it is fully developed, it’s a mentality that believes today is synonymous with passé. The Modernisms of the 20th century or rather Modernism 1.0, which used today as a platform for making a better tomorrow and Postmodernism or Modernism 2.0, which used today to criticize yesterday have run their course. They are of course still here but neither holds pole position. The 21st century’s idea of Modernism, mODERNISM 3.0, uses today to make a newer tomorrow. mODERNISM 3.0 is not concerned with what is better or worse. If you went to architecture school you saw Modernism 1.0 fail* in its attempt to make change for the better. mODERNISM 3.0 has nothing to do with changing for the better, it’s only concerned with changing. This type of change is not to be confused with the change that comes about through progress. mODERNISM 3.0 is about the type of change that simply gives the impression of progress. Today will fossilize overnight, ancient by breakfast tomorrow and replaced by noon. Fossilization will set in again by dinner. At this time I would like to bring to your attention that this was first written in 2007. I alter this text every once in a while to mark the many things that make these words feel out of date. Many of those antiquated words occupy the following paragraph. Some of these words are left in because they serve to remind me of the long forgotten not so distant past. It sounds twisted to me but in between clicking through websites searching for a newer pair of Levi’s™ jeans and being a voyeur on Myspace™ I can open up YouTube™ in a new tab and watch the hanging of Saddam Hussein followed by the beheading of a journalist by ISIS all while blocking Pop-ups and seeing I have new mail through Growl™, all in the middle third of my screen. In the meantime, on the starboard side I’ve opened Mail™ through Quicksilver™ and scanned articles about global warming and the war in my NyTimes™ RSS feed. Simultaneously, on the wayward side I decided to get a Matcha Green Tea Blast with a free protein boost, I’m kind of skinny, at Jamba Juice™ with my buddy via iChat™, on my way to Whole Foods™ via DSW™ to get a new pair of Vans™ after I window shop at Forever21™ (they carry guys stuff now, but they are already cutting back on the selection, which doesn’t matter because I hate that store, even though it carries clothes that look exactly like the ones I’m wearing only cheaper). And I can do all this in a single window in Safari™ (sorry, Firefox™ and Internet Exploder™) on my new Apple™ iMac™ G5™. It sounds ludicrous that this is actually happening but it’s totally normal and I didn’t even mention one of my three iPods™ (Sorry iPod but you are officially gone now) or my new iPhone™ or my pre-ordered iPhone6. All of this happens in less than ten seconds and I thought I was doing good. I don’t even have a T.V. I don’t even do drugs. Maybe I should. This is the Landscape that I live in. A fully intoxicated landscape. We are living longer but I feel like my life is getting shorter. Things are being abbreviated into stutters** because you can fit more in. I can reduce everything to Icons, Tabs, Emails, RSS, apple+Cs, apple+Vs, LOLs, AOLs, MOVs, MP3s, pr0n, BRBs (take a sip of coffee), OMGs, RGBs, MBs, MFAs, DVDs, TXTs, PPIs, PNGs, HTTPs and ADD. The funny thing is that I’m speaking in code and you know exactly what I’m talking about. If you don’t you are probably a painter. I didn’t learn this stuff in school and I’ve been in school for almost twenty-eight years of my life. I move effortlessly through this trash at a rate of 645 bytes per second and since this was originally written this has been updated to 7.51 Mbps. On a side note: 1,680 x 1,050 = 1,764,000. That’s the number of pixels on my screen that has also been updated since 2007 to 2,560 x 1,440 = 3,686,400. This new monitor looks like it has more surface area than my head and more pixels than I have cells. I’m getting paler and it’s getting more saturated, I’m getting dumber and it’s getting smarter, I don’t have to move anymore while it gets more efficient. I don’t even need to know anything because it knows everything. This is the Landscape that I live in. Everything I have described about this landscape is more or less immaterial but this landscape has a physical side to it as well.

Have a look and see.

Originally written in May, 2007 and continually modified up until September, 2014.
* The explosion of Pruitt-Igoe urban housing project
** Google search “max headroom”

About Nick van Woert
Nick van Woert (1979) born in Reno, Nevada, lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. In 2002 he obtained a degree in architecture at the University of Oregon, Eugene and Parsons in New York. His work was first exhibited by GRIMM Gallery in the group show Hi, Low and in Between in 2009, followed by the solo presentation SHE-WOLF in 2010 and Improvised Munition in 2012. In 2011 Yvon Lambert hosted Van Woert’s first Paris show Anatomy as well as his first New York show Breaking and Entering. In 2012 his work was part of the group show Science on the back end at Hauser & Wirth in New York. His first museum solo exhibition Nature Calls opened earlier this year at MAMbo, Museum of Modern Art in Bologna, Italy.

Nick van Woert is currently working on a extensive monograph designed by Sagmeister & Walsh.

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